Position available: engineer/developer

Position available: Engineer / developer for the ITEA/FUI PAPUD project

Position at: Université de Lorraine, LORIA laboratory

City: Nancy, France


  • Design (with the help of C. Cerisara and S. Cruz-Lara) and implement deep learning models for textual data;
  • Optimize and tune the models to support very large corpora;
  • Deploy and parallelize data processing over a computing grid (Grid5000 and/or Explor and/or ROMEO)
  • Compare models and analyze modeling results (under the guidance of C. Cerisara and S. Cruz-Lara)
  • Target application is anomaly detection in textual data streams


  • Linux
  • Python, numpy
  • One of available deep learning toolkits: pytorch, keras, tensorflow
  • Optional experience:
    • Knowledge of java, spark
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Data parallelization, grid computing


  • Required cursus: master or engineer diploma, minimum bachelor of science, in computer science.
  • 12 months, with possible extended duration
  • Position: "Ingénieur d'études" or "Ingénieur de recherche"
  • Salary depends on experience: to get an idea, see for instance https://www.emploi-collectivites.fr/grille-indiciaire-etat-ingenieur-etudes-ministere-culture/0/5206.htm and https://www.emploi-collectivites.fr/grille-indiciaire-etat-ingenieur-recherche-ministere-culture-communication/0/5205.htm