FAQ Synalp website

Here is a small FAQ about the website:

Q: How do I add a new post ?

See this tuto

Q: I've added a post; how do I check it is OK ?

After modifying the web site, it is best practice to check that the web site is still compiling before commiting and pushing.

You may compile locally with

make html

and if there is no error, you may commit and push with:

git commit -am "my modifs"
git push origin master

Q: I've added a post; how do I deploy it ?

You have nothing to do: the new website should be deployed automatically (1 or 2 minutes) after every push !

This is achieved thanks to gitlab continuous integration, with a dedicated runner.

If, after 10 minutes, you still don't see your update onto the synalp website, double check that your browser is not showing you a cached version of the website (force refresh should solve this), and if it is still not up-to-date, then this may be because compilation failed or the runner crashed: then just drop me (xtof) a line...

Q: I see something wrong on the website, but I don't have time to fix: what should I do ?

Just report the suggested fix as a gitlab issue:

  • login to the INRIA gitlab here
  • click on Issues and look/search if your remark is not already in there
  • click on New Issue to add your remark (you can think of Issues as a TODO list)